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Tjoon of the moment

tjop – Originating from the same term, tjop, which describes a cut of lamb meat from the rib area. Also a South African favourite to braai. Tjop is now often used to refer to okes that are idiots, or reckon they are smart, but end up being idiots nonetheless.

  • Yo Steve, check this oke coming to the Spar without his shirt on. Wharra Tjop!

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New look… because Hooters

So finally, after about a weeks work but our brilliant team, we have just finished and launched the new look

If the colour scheme looks slightly familiar, it is because it is… We decided to go with the Hooters colour scheme. Why?

Well, because…. Hooters!!!! That’s why! And because we at Mullet love their sliders and onion rings.


It is also similar to another of our favourite products, but you will just have to check back often to know what product that is, as we will be having a few of them available just before the December holidays. And we will be the only guys in SA to have them…

Paintball pierces arm

Scuze me while I pick myself up off the floor… Just passed out after seeing this! just realised not to play around with paintball guns, they have become serious.

Check as this oke get shot with a paintball in his forearm, but then worst thing ever, the paintball actually punctures his forearm and is stuck inside, leaving a huge gaping hole afterwards.


Badass Mullet Bearder

As most of you, we here at also enjoy watching some good MMA highlights and knockouts. And it also often makes us feel very puny and inferior compared to those muscle beasts knocking okes out left right and centre. So naturally, we have immediately taken a HUGE liking in the original American boy Roy Nelson when we first saw him. Firstly because of his mullet, and secondly, because he is probably the worst built person in the UFC, with his big belly and his tiny arms. You would think he is the epitome of being out of shape, and that those huse steroid muscle heads will nearly kill him, that is until he steps in the ring, and redeems the hope for all us normal slightly out of shape folk, by beating the crap out of the big okes.

We love you Roy Nelson!!!