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Next Trend Alert

We here on have always been trend-setters, not trend followers. Think we are cocky in claiming that? Well, just test us and see, from now on, from time to time we will be posting new trends and you will see, that we are right, usually anywhere from a month to a year before the trend actually takes the rest of the country/world by storm.

So if you want to be ahead of the herd and be a trend-setter yourself, keep and eye here and we will school yo!

OK, so for the first new trend, here is what we got.

Watches. So OK, for those of you that are REALLY late to the party, the current watch trend are these vintage Casio watches. What we like to call Our Dads Pharmacy watch, because back in the day you could buy them at your local pharmacy.


Yep, we are still wearing ours, although with a good few scratches and marks showing a good season behind it.

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