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Mullets, not Man Buns

A Man Bun, is NOT a damn Mullet, and will never ever be as classy or fall into the same category.


Mullets, are worn by two types of okes.

  1. Actual badass, trailer park folks (otherwise known as common, or tappit brahs), who do not know they are zef, or do not care, and they are too rough for anyone to even think of trying to inform them of such a fact.
  2. Badass okes, who know who they are, what they are, and what they are capable of, do not care what people think, and want to wear a mullet, maybe paired with some lekker Reef sandal, and a pair of white frame Blublockers or aviators.

In either case, Mullets are worn by total badasses and okes we like.

Man Buns on the other hand, are worn by various different types of chops.

  • Losers, that do not fit in anywhere, but want to look like they are hip, or cool, or stylish, or fashionable (they aren’t)
  • Chops, who follow every bad trend there ever was, (they probably used to be Emo’s when that whole Emo trend was going)
  • Skinny-kids, who wear skinny-jeans, with arty prescription glasses, without a prescription, and always have a notepad to write their art musings on. They are usually supposed to be deep, aspiring poets, artists, writers or musicians, but they lack any real drive or motivation to become any of those
  • Chops, that want to be Hipsters (another type of person that you want to avoid)


So yes, don’t wear a damn Man Bun, and don’t confuse it with a classy mullet!

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