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Hilux Legend 45 Arrives!

Wow!!! I did not even know they were bringing it out and it has already started to hit the dealerships. Yup! you read right.

The Toyota Hilux Legend 45 Edition has just landed, and although it is the 4th, yes the 4th special edition Hilux to come out in this same current model, as per usual, the Hilux fans will be standing queue to get their hands on them.

One thing is for sure, Toyota is without a doubt by FAR the best vehicle manufacturer when it comes to marketing in the world. They never advertise discount on their flagship models from head office when they have extra stock, they merely slap on some nice bling bling and a few gadgets fans will want, and boom, they sell like hotcakes.

Here are some of the real world pics from one of the first ones to arrive at a dealership.

toyota-hilux-legend-45 (1)

toyota-hilux-legend-45 (2)

toyota-hilux-legend-45 (3)

toyota-hilux-legend-45 (4)

Apparently the Legend 45 Edition offers the following extras over the standard version:

  • Stainless steel nudge bar with Legend 45 badge
  • Grey Alloy wheels
  • Rear step bumper with towbar
  • Combination leather & fabric seats with matching steering wheel
  • Colour coded door handles


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